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The National Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing originally began as a research group of Xidian University founded in 1974, whose main research area is digital signal processing technique and its application in radar. The first digital moving target indicator (MTI) and digital moving target detector (MTD) processors of China were developed in the group. In 1980, the Institute of Electronic Engineering was founded based on the research group. In 1991, the National Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing was founded by government investment in Xidian University. The laboratory is dedicated to fundamental research in radar signal processing. It's fundamental mission is to study the advanced signal processing techniques and apply these techniques to various kind of radar system. The Lab has over 50members, including 19 professors, 15associate professors and over 16 assistant professors. Professor Zheng Bao, a member of the Chinese Academy of Science, is the director of academic committee of the Lab. The Lab offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in signal and information processing, and currently has some 200full-time students working towards their Ph.D. degree, over 500 full-time students working towards their M.S. degree. The Lab is active in academic exchanging with domestic and oversea scholars. Every year, over 10 international notable scholars are invited to the Lab to exchange the research idea. The Lab's guest research positions are open to the scholars from all over the world. We warmly welcome the excellent scholars from all over the world to join us or carry out research collaboration with us.
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